Women’s Cycle of Life 2020 Update 

Presentation on Birth Life Saving Skills at the American College of Nurse-Midwives online Annual Meeting Preparation of Traditional Birth Attendant training as part of the First 1000 Days program in Haiti – ultimately totally led by Haitians Women’s Cycle of Life training has restarted in some locations with very heartening and life changing results. In Ethiopia, trainings with teen girls have been happening, which is a great area of need.

Some topics of the lessons were: • Good health • Personal hygiene • Good character • Understanding teenage girls’ behavior • Learning how to think for yourself • Taking responsibility for your actions and choices • Knowing and doing the will of God • Listening to others and loving God and others.

Growing up as a young girl I have noticed that women have double challenges . . . that they are seen as second-class citizens and that their contribution to the development of the community is huge. But in Ethiopia, not much attention is given to developing the capacity of women, and how to lead a healthy life. Because of the nature of women, they need special care and treatment. Knowing this growing up, sometimes I disliked being a woman. Learning some important lessons from these training really lifted my spirit. With God, there is hope and transformation. I have gained good lessons that encourage me to live as God created me to be. I am so grateful for this CHE (WCL).









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