What Does It Cost To Transform A Community? 

What Does It Cost To Transform A Community? 

The Kingdom Investor podcast with guest Dr. Ravi Jayakaran


With a plethora of nonprofit and charitable organizations that exist today, how will you know which ones are creating an impact for those they help? Is there a way to know which programs actually work and are making a meaningful difference in the lives of some of the poorest people in the world? What does it cost to improve the standard of living of a family? How about transforming a community? Can a dollar even make a difference?

Our guest, Dr. Ravi Jayakaran of Medical Ambassadors, will help us answer these questions and more in today’s episode. With vast experience leading international poverty reduction programs, Dr. Ravi takes us into the workings of impactful participatory development programs that integrate the social, economic, cultural, and spiritual upliftment of individuals and families, and the transformation of communities. Listen and be inspired by Dr. Ravi’s stories while learning how you can become a better, smarter giver.


Key Points From This Episode: 

  • Snapshots of Ravi’s professional and missional background.
  • Ravi’s story and testimony.
  • The pivotal moment when Ravi realized what God wants him to do and discovered his life mission.
  • Ravi’s career path as a participatory development expert brought him to various parts of the world and to the US where he now heads Medical Ambassadors International.
  • What does Medical Ambassadors do? 
  • Who do they serve and how do they create a lasting impact with their programs?
  • Why integrated development of word and deed is a crucial component of Medical Ambassadors’ principle.
  • Ravi shares the key to growing in generosity.
  • A story that shows the impact that Medical Ambassadors is making in healing and transforming communities.
  • Ravi answers the mentor-minute questions.