West Africa – Global Reach Report 2020

Tremendous growth in partnerships and collaboration took place in the West Africa region in 2020 with CHE expanding in 17 West African countries. Twenty-seven new programs were collectively started in Nigeria, Ghana, Togo, Benin, Ivory Coast, and Sierra Leone. CHE/IDDM (Integral Disciple-Making Movement) training took place in over 10 locations in Benin and Ivory Coast. After training and consultation from Health Communication Resources, CHE lessons were adapted to radio programs in Ivory Coast, Ghana, and Nigeria as CHE leaders began to realize the power of mass media with community engagement. Isolation and emotional trauma experienced by community members during the COVID-19 pandemic emphasized the need for CHE partners to help address spiritual, social, and mental health continued from page 8 needs. This helped stimulate collaboration between the Nigerian CHE network and a national network of ministries focused on emotional and trauma healing.

West African CHE leaders also emphasized the importance of mentoring and empowering local leaders and trainers. This allowed local partners to reach new areas even during COVID restrictions. Several CHE partners and churches helped provide aid to local families in need of basic necessities like food, cooking oil, and medicine. As communities also expressed interest in specific areas of development, specialty CHE training in areas such as children’s CHE and vocational skills acquisition were organized.

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