Relief Update: Ukraine

Greetings from Hungary

from Leonard Hanykovics, Church Partner, Ukraine Relief

First of all, I greet you in the name of the LORD Jesus Christ. Peace to you!

Thank you for praying for us! Thank you for helping our relief service in Ukraine. We will continue to bring aid to Ukraine, and through my colleagues who remain there, we will distribute the aid, and we will bring the Good News of the Gospel, every time. Where there is grief, there is comfort. Where there is hunger, we can help with food. Where there is illness, we can give medicine. It is very important to lead people to Christ in these difficult times, as only He can give HOPE. In the midst of the horrors of war, many learn that God is GOOD. Many people testify that they called on the name of God and were saved from certain death.

Regarding the 2023 earthquake in Turkey, my colleague Chaplain Ruszlán, shared our aid where guns crackle and bombs explode. He said, “I am very saddened by the fact that such a great tragedy occurred as a result of a natural anomaly, an earthquake. So much destruction and death occurred. There is a lot of pain. However, in Ukraine, unfortunately, every day, the Russian army continues to destroy entire villages, entire cities. Russian soldiers kill children, grandparents, mothers, fathers, every day. The Russian army aims to destroy the whole of Ukraine. We cry together with the Turkish people, while the desolation still continues in Ukraine.”

In the city of Mukachevo, my pastor colleagues are also preaching the Word of God in Eastern Ukraine, while distributing food aid. I often see sunrises and sunsets on highways while delivering food aid. It is so good to see the greatness of God in nature. Please continue to keep us in prayer. 

Sincerely and much love, Leonard.