Women’s Cycle of Life TOT

Online training, dates to be determined

Women’s Cycle of Life (WCL) is a Community Health Evangelism (CHE) training that empowers teams to respond more effectively to the needs of women. It provides practical knowledge and skills at the community level on women’s health; safer pregnancy, childbirth and infant care; healthy family relationships; Biblical truths that transform and much more.  Women’s Cycle of Life is being used around the world to help women see their value in God’s eyes and to find wholeness in their lives.

This interactive training will now be on-line.  If you are interested in joining this training, please contact us as to your preferences for training times. We realize doing this Women’s Cycle of Life training immediately prior to the Global Missions Health Conference may not be as desirable for a virtual meeting.

If you are interested in this training, please contact us: paula@med-amb.org

Provide the following information:

Name & contact information

Time Zone from which you will participate in the conference

Have you been through a CHE TOT 1 training in the past?  When & where?

Tell us of your preferences for this training:

  • On-line training Monday, Nov 9 – Thursday, Nov 12 full day (8-5) as originally planned
  • On-line training two partial days or evenings a week (x 4 weeks)
  • On-line training two partial days or evenings a week and on Saturday x 2 weeks
  • Give us your ideas or preferences.

We will decide timing based on input from those interested in participating.  The cost will be $30 per participant for the Women’s Cycle of Life training and an additional $10 for the introduction to CHE.   There is no charge for the introduction for those who have previously attended a CHE TOT.

The first 6 hours will be an introduction to Community Health Evangelism (CHE) and is required for those who haven’t yet been through a full Training of Trainers 1 (TOT 1) in CHE, and a review for those who desire it.  It is preferred that you attend a TOT 1 in CHE prior to this training, if possible.  Go to www.chenetwork.org to see available TOT 1 trainings or contact us at Medical Ambassadors International, www.medicalambassadors.org

Person to Contact:     paula@med-amb.org