They didn’t trust us

Many women have never learned how valuable they are in God’s eyes until they experienced a Women’s Cycle of Life (WCL) training.

Genet in Ethiopia and says, “The men have changed a lot spiritually. Before we were trained in Women’s Cycle of Life, our husbands would never allow us to go out of the home alone, even to a meeting at church. They didn’t trust us. Now they say, ‘Today you go to the women’s group. I’ll watch the children or wash the clothes.’ This never happened in our own lives before!”

She goes on to say, “The lesson on the worth of women in God’s eyes helped me to know myself. It changed how I talk, how I walk, how I respond to people and how I respond to my husband. Knowing my worth helped me have a kind, helping heart.

What happened?
In Ethiopia the first group of 17 women went through the WCL training. It was so well received that another 23 went to the next one. Sharon Abebe, Ethiopia’s WCL Facilitator, says that these first groups of women have taught at least one lesson to 1678 other women. This was eight years ago, and Genet was one of those teachers.

Bedillu, another lady says, “Women ask me how they should respond to their husbands when they don’t show respect for them. I tell them, ‘You can respond as if you are trash, or you can respond with self-respect, as a worthy person. Then your husband will learn to respect you too.’ The spiritual impact is transforming when women who feel they are unworthy learn they are loved by God. I know now that I’m a daughter of the King of Kings! Such knowledge lifts my head. I can walk proudly like a lioness now!”

What has happened in the intervening years?

Look at the most recent data from one location in Ethiopia:

List of activities Accomplished
How many local churches targeted in CHE program? 35
How many volunteer trainers trained? 60
How many CHEs trained by volunteers? 150
How many new homes visited in the quarter? 393
How many couples trained? 1050
How many women trained in WLC? 461
How many discipleship groups organized? 18
How many people reached by the gospel of Jesus Christ? 610
How many people added to the church membership? 105

So often, it takes only one woman to make a difference. If you empower that woman with information, and training, or a microloan, she can lift up her entire family and contribute to the success of her community. Multiply that one woman’s impact by a hundred or a thousand, and perhaps a million lives can change.

~ Condoleezza Rice, former US Secretary of State

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Genet said,” Knowing my worth helped me have a kind, helping heart.” I want to help others understand the power of knowing Jesus.