MAI | January 2020 Newsletter

The Answer to Her Prayers

When insufficient income from the local coffee crops in a Ugandan village continued year after year, those who were able migrated to the cities. Only the poorer villagers, mostly households headed by women, were left behind. Miriam, our community hero for this month, was one of those who stayed.

Miriam contacted the remaining people and mobilized them for action, but she had no idea what was needed to cause change. In desperation, she prayed, and God answered her prayer in a unique way.

“Life was trudging along at a slow survival pace when Community Health Evangelism (CHE) came to our village,” Miriam says.

Miriam lives in an area of Western Uganda where adequate rain and altitude provide a good environment for coffee cultivation. Most villagers grow a few coffee plants on their small plots of land. However, after several years of drought the funds they raised were insufficient to invest in improved techniques. Over time, those who were able sold their land and migrated to the cities. But the poorer villagers, mostly households headed by women, stayed behind.

Miriam was a trusted leader in her community. She prayed for someone to come and show them a better way. Pastor Gadith, the church district CHE Coordinator, came and introduced them to the concept of CHE; Miriam knew immediately he was her answer to prayer. She became a CHE volunteer and attended a Vision Seminar as well as Training of Trainers-1. Even as she was training, Miriam determined she would be the first person to implement all she was learning so her home would be declared an ideal “CHE household.” That is exactly what happened.

CHE has transformed Miriam’s village and given her new hope. Both her mother and son are very proud of the impact she has had. (See picture of all three generations.) Miriam has been their anchor, but her influence has extended beyond her own home to her entire neighborhood.

This Is How God Uses Medical Ambassadors International…bringing people together—worker, volunteer, and donor—for God’s glory and transformed lives.

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