Support Needed: Cholera Outbreak in Haiti

Medical Ambassadors of Haiti are familiar with diseases that cause diarrhea in general and cholera is not new to them, however, cholera is back and taking lives. The local health system is struggling to respond to this outbreak, and patients are younger than the ones that fell sick 12 years ago, post-earthquake.

In August 2023, Dr. Bibiana Mac Leod, MAI’s Technical Advisor for Disaster Preparedness & Response met with CHE senior trainers in Haiti to review water chlorination and how to use test strips to know if the level of chlorine is appropriate.

Osse is showing results to senior trainers in photo below.
Though several CHE communities have had cases of cholera, it has not spread. Trainer Duvensant shared with us that his wife got the disease in a nearby village where she buys bread to sell. Many in that village died of Cholera. His wife was admitted to the hospital to receive IV rehydration but recovered quickly and nobody else got it at home. Speedy response with education and sanitation practices can stop the outbreak. CHE communities are working hard to do both.

You can help us by supporting this effort. Your donation will be used to provide for immediate needs and response, such as: Oral Rehydration Salts, (ORS) for home care while traveling to the nearest health facility, WASH – Water, sanitation and hygiene practices: the use of simple methods for hand washing, chlorine tabs to quickly treat contaminated water, search for alternative sources of water potabilization, and facilitating the use of latrines by the members of the community, transportation of training team members to distant communities to train others, printing of teaching brochures, etc. Remaining funds will be used to support longer-term rehabilitation and development of communities in Haiti and the Caribbean.

Photo below taken in August 2023 with Haiti CHE village members and Dr. Bibiana Mac Leod, MAI’s Technical Advisor for Disaster Preparedness & Response


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Photos: Hand washing with Tipitap, a simple method with a gallon, string and sticks to avoid touching or contaminating the water, people lining up at the pump, and a CHE trainer proudly showing a latrine after the 2010 Cholera outbreak.