Southern Africa – Global Reach Report 2020

As with other regions in Africa, opportunities to travel internationally and domestically were limited in the Southern Africa region in 2020. CHE partners continued to engage their communities as best as they were able, but this was often limited to virtual communication. In Malawi, the influence of partner organization Wandikweza grew significantly due to its physical health focus, its capacity to respond to the health crisis, and its ability to engage with larger donors to help fund its work. Local isolation and economic hardship caused by COVID-19 restrictions renewed the importance of local ownership, empowerment, and sustainability. In Zimbabwe, economic crisis in 2020 created emergency aid needs in the CHE communities, so MAI partnered with local organizations to help in some of the crisis response with food, clothing, and medicine.

The Southern Africa CHE region continues to emphasize networking regionally and internationally as it encourages economic sustainability for local partners and ministries. Promising CHE growth started in Madagascar over the past three years resulted in ten communities engaged in the CHE process through a partner organization by the end of 2020.


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