South America and the Caribbean – Global Reach Report 2020

Leaders in the South America and Caribbean sub-regions continued to work well together in 2020 as they developed new methods for virtual trainings and communication with local partners. Virtual CHE trainings in Spanish were adapted, and as partners increasingly saw the importance of addressing difficult topics like domestic violence, child abuse, and human trafficking, more discussions and collaboration took place to identify ways to bring more community awareness and prevention. Spanish training in psychological first aid was organized to help address some of the emotional issues that were emerging as a result of the pandemic.

CHE teams helped mobilize local churches to respond to community needs. Some churches became centers of community assistance by providing food, prayer, and counseling. Local CHE teams helped community members sew masks and provide COVID prevention information. Country leaders were able to connect for three days in November on a virtual regional council meeting, which provided encouragement and connection when an in-person annual gathering was not possible.

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