Sometimes, You must go back…

September and the fall season are the time of year where parents have brought their children back to school, summer vacations are now memories and companies look back at the year and launch ways of ending the fiscal year in the black.

Today we share the story of Musa (not his real name), who came to know Jesus though he lived in a culture with a very different belief system.  Musa encountered CHE (Community Health Evangelism) workers who modeled transformed lives because of their relationship with Christ and shared their stories with Musa. When he began this new relationship with his Savior, it brought great peace, joy and meaning into his life. It also brought persecution. So, he decided to relocate to another area where he could practice his faith.

Musa (not his real name) left his community several years back and went to live among a different people group. After he received Christ, he was so persecuted, that he had to flee from his own people. He felt betrayed and confessed that he even hated his people. “That is not our religion,” “you have betrayed us,” “you will influence our children in the wrong direction;” were the remarks he would confront every day.

The beautiful breath-taking beaches and the natural flora of the southern coast, sadly, contrast to the local communities who live in poverty and have no or very few Christians. The few who have become Christian will leave their communities for fear of persecution and death.

However, Musa had a deep desire to see his people know and experience the freedom of Christ. He was compelled to preach to them. He often wondered how he could love and serve his people. So, when he was invited for the Integral Mission Collaboration (IMC) meeting in South Coast, a forum that brought together missionaries and pastors serving in this area and its neighborhoods, Musa grasped at the opportunity. He longs to see his people freed from the spirit of witchcraft, extreme poverty, and drug and alcohol abuse among many other oppressive activities. After the training, Musa regretted that he had left his people and went to live far away in safer grounds. Further, he went on to say that through the training he received, he was ready to go back to his people.

He discovered that he is the message, and it is only through love that he will win his people to Christ.

Many of our field workers have found that it is time to go back to regions and areas where they had once been to continue to work and share the gospel. Just as the Lord called Musa to go back, He has also called others such as Jonah to go back. Jonah tried to run away from delivering God’s message of discipline to the city of Nineveh. However, once Jonah obeyed and delivered the Word of God, the city repented.  Jonah 3:10 says “When God saw what they did and how they turned from their evil ways, he had compassion and did not bring upon them the destruction he had threatened.” Praise the Lord! When we are obedient to the Lord’s leading, He will accomplish great things.

As you go back to your activities, may the Lord give you a refreshed and renewed purpose.