Programs for Children in MENA

BR is an NGO in a country in Middle East North Africa region where a team of devoted staff work through the community approach of Community Development Education (also known as CHE). The goal in poor villages is to uproot misconceptions and enable clear understanding in children, their teachers, parents and friends. God has made it possible for team BR to work in a large, poor village by being able to start a partnership with a public entity composed of the community leaders including both priests and Sheikhs. The result of the partnership has been the establishment of a child development program. It first started in two government elementary schools in a poor rural village. The teachers of these schools received their TOT (Training of Trainers), learning the concepts of CHE used in this program. After CHE committees were formed, 400 children were educated on regular basis for almost two years in health topics, moral values, and main life skills. Even during the Covid-19 pandemic with schools in lockdown, some teachers managed to work with students in small groups to continue the lessons.

Transformational Stories 

A girl in grade 4 says: “I did not know what it means to belong to some place or someone. I loved my parents and family but did not know the meaning of “belonging”. I did not care for my class or our street cleanliness. But recently, I took the lesson on “Sense of Belonging”, and I understood what it means. Now, I check on my friend if she’s absent or feeling sick and always keep myself clean. I no longer throw litter on the street because I belong to my village and my country. I also am determined that when I grow up and become a doctor, I will serve my village to show my loyalty in action.”

A boy in grade 5 shared: “I used to fear dogs, and always felt they would run after me, bite me, and make me fall on my face. Then we had this lesson on dealing with our fear and I realized that God is with me all the time. He never leaves me and hears my prayers. So later, when I saw a dog on the street, I call on God, face my fear and know that God is with me”.

A teacher volunteering in the program says, “I can observe my son at home, and how his behavior has changed in the way he is treating others, as well as, in his daily habits like personal caring for his appearance and hygiene. He is now gentle with his sisters. The program has had a really good impact on all the children.”

Praise God for the opportunities given to BR to enter schools and work with these children. Your prayers and support are very much appreciated for the provision of needed resources to accomplish the successes of this ministry.