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Prayer is Critical!

We often say it. Yet our actions do not always back up our words.


It is essential to everything Medical Ambassadors International (MAI) does. In addition, it is crucial to everything you do. However, if you are like me, prayer is sometimes what I resort to when nothing else is working. Do you relate?

I received a story recently from a new place where MAI is sponsoring a Community Health Evangelism (CHE) training team. Unfortunately, this is one of those places I cannot name. The reason will become clear as I relate the story. The teller of this story is a village woman. When she speaks about the MAI trainers, I will call them CHE trainers, though in reality we cannot use that terminology in her country.

I hope you will be as encouraged by her story as I was!

“I have lived in this village for generations. My husband was a fisherman. Since he became sick, he has not been able to work. We have four children from ages 27-40. We are from a strong Hindu family. My two sisters and eight grandchildren.


To show you what our faith was like, let me tell you about one of my grandchildren who was possessed by a bad spirit. She used to dance and act like a snake. Because of this, we made a hut for her, prayed to her, and treated her as goddess.

 Once some of the CHE trainers in our village visited our home and asked whether they could pray for one of my sisters, who was sick. Of course, we did NOT allow this, and asked them to leave our home. However, one of my granddaughters was in their CHE Children’s club. This granddaughter told us the CHE trainers were praying for our whole family. I scolded her and told her to keep her mouth shut.

However, when I got very ill myself, my granddaughter was afraid for me, and brought the CHE people home to pray for me. When they came, my granddaughter also prayed with them. This melted my heart, and I started inviting them to pray with me regularly. Now I am going to their place of worship and host a prayer meeting at my home. We have removed the hut we made to worship the ‘snake.’ That granddaughter is healed.


We are experiencing true peace and joy. I have accepted Jesus as my personal savior. We were in darkness but Jesus gave us light. I thank God for the brothers who introduced Jesus to me.

 Sadly, things did not remain peaceful in our village.

The children’s CHE club decided to prepare a drama depicting the birth of Jesus at a year-end ceremony. The kids planned to present some of the Bible verses they had memorized. Unfortunately, some of the children were overheard when they were practicing their parts at home. As a result, a few people from the Hindu temple mobilized a group to complain to the government authorities. They said the CHE workers were converting children to Christianity and thus violating their ‘religious freedom.’ In addition, they claimed that recent floods and higher unemployment rates were punishment from the gods for allowing Christians into their village.


However, other respected leaders in the community came to the support of CHE. They said the village had less disease since CHE came and that unemployment would have been worse without the teaching CHE had provided.

 As a result, the government decided the CHE trainers could stay, at least for now. However, the Hindu temple leaders can see the changes CHE is making, and they are afraid.”

 As you can clearly see, prayer is critical in this spiritual battle. Many CHE committees are finding that nothing they do succeeds unless people are praying for them, entreating God to fight for them in the spiritual battle raging around them.


Now let me ask you a hard question: Is it possible that God is asking you to be intentional about joining the battle between good and evil in a new way? MAI is trying to identify people God is calling to pray for MAI’s regional coordinators, their staff, and their volunteers. We want you to experience the joy of using prayer as your first response, not the last resort when all else fails.

Screenshot 2016-04-04 21.06.58Many of you are already praying with us, using the daily President’s Prayer Circle guide. However, if you would like to begin praying in more depth for one particular region of the world, MAI will provide you with more information about this region. The information will include both prayer needs and answers to prayer as we hear about them. I know how important this reinforcement is to me. I am betting that you are no different.


To start this process, please look at the attached response card. If you are not already receiving the President’s Prayer Circle, or if you would like to focus your prayers on one particular region of the world, this card is for you. Please check the appropriate boxes on the card and mention the region of the world about which you would like more information.

Because God has been consistently prompting many of you to contribute to MAI’s International Fund, MAI has been able to support our current programs. However, it breaks my heart to think how much more needs to be done. If God is prompting you to begin giving or to increase what you are already doing, we will praise the Lord with you. I know the joy that giving brings. The enclosed response card can help you with your choices.

Praying that God will bless you in exciting ways,

John Payne, MD


P.S. If God is calling you to get involved with MAI in some way other than I have suggested, the response card can help you with that as well. May God bless you—abundantly!

John, I want to be involved in what God is doing!

I want to commit to praying for a specific MAI Region


I will give for: 

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