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Playing well with others.

I have been told many of you are interested in missions who “play well with others.” You can see the value of not duplicating efforts, of collaboration, of partnerships. So do we.

Some of Medical Ambassadors International’s (MAI’s) best partners are organizations made up of nationals, specifically formed to promote God’s kingdom through the strategy of Community Health Evangelism (CHE).

lovemore-speaking-cheza-confOne such organization is CHE Zambia (CHEZA) in southern Africa. Any organization succeeds because of the work of many people, but often one person is such a great leader that they stand out among faithful team members. The team members are just as important as the leader from God’s perspective. However, I would love to tell you about CHEZA’s leader, a soft-spoken man who wields great influence, Lovemore Zulu.

With the blessing of the Assemblies of God, Lovemore gathered a group of national that formed a new organization they called CHEZA. The momentum that had been lost was quickly regained. Under Lovemore’s leadership, other local leaders were reinvigorated, and extraordinary progress was made. New small businesses reduced local poverty. Better sanitation and cleaner drinking water remarkably improved health, along with better farming techniques and education which reduced malnutrition. People came to know Jesus cheza-national-trainersand then grew in their understanding and their faith.

And what an organization CHEZA has become. Using over 1,000 volunteer CHE trainers, they have trained over 825 community leaders to become committee members in 260 different villages. In addition, these volunteer trainers have discipled nearly 4,000 volunteer home visitors. One report said that they visited over 25,000 homes in less than a month. The new knowledge the Holy Spirit that came with these visits caused tremendous change for nearly 200,000 people.

CHEZA now work in all 10 provinces in Zambia. CHEZA leaders have trained over 30 other organizations.

Muslim leaders from villages adjoining CHE communities were impressed by what they had seen through CHE, and, asked CHEZA to tell them why they were different. Lovemore went and shared Christ and CHE. Many came to faith, and now two new communities are using the CHE strategy, too. We are praising God for the work of his Holy Spirit. zambia_administrative_divisions-png

When I asked Lovemore how this wonderful progress has happened, he humbly ducked his head and said, “God has been very gracious.”

Gracious indeed. If you ask me, I would nominate Lovemore Zulu for a Nobel Peace Prize. However, I know this is not the prize he wants. He just wants God to say, “Well done, good and faithful servant.”

Lovemore is outstanding. But there are many others who, like him, are leading organizations in their countries. As they seek us out, MAI gladly comes alongside in consultation and training. The CHE strategy is not something we own, but lightstock_79520_medium_aprilsomething to be shared and given away.

People like you have joined forces with us to play a part in this collaboration. The team action does not all happen on the other side of the world. So yes, I can very confidently say, “Your participation with Medical Ambassadors allows us all to “play well with others.”

How to best do this? That’s what God will tell you as you ask him.

The reason Medical Ambassadors cares so passionately about Community Health Evangelism is that God is using it to create local ownership, and the steadily maturing disciples of Jesus that are so essential to making God’s work sustainable.

Please ask God what your next move should be. Is MAI his kind of group? Is he calling you to join this team of workers in his cause? If so, the enclosed card can help you get started. Thank you for giving it a careful look.

 John, I am thrilled how MAI plays with others and I want to play too! 

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