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Partner: Satan or God?

It’s easy to get overly-familiar with the Easter story. Some of us—myself included—have heard it all our lives. We don’t appreciate the power of Jesus expressed in the resurrection or the impact his power has on those who hear the good news for the first time.

Does that resonate with you?

I find it extremely helpful to hear, first-hand, from individuals whose lives have been turned around because of Jesus. Through Medical Ambassadors International (MAI) the power of the resurrection of Jesus is touching lives around the world.

Let me tell you a story that came to me just a few weeks ago from a Muslim country I cannot name. In this country, people mix Islam with traditional religions. It is the story of a married village woman, told in her own words.

“I have children and—like all young married people in my country—I live in my husband’s family home. We suffered from a lot of problems that we couldn’t explain or understand.  Like most houses around here, we raise chickens and cows at home. This makes my day very busy. When we want something, we look for the easiest ways. Sometimes the easiest way seems to be doing black magic and sorcery. At least this is what other people say here.

lightstock_102445_full_aprilOne day a friend of mine invited me to attend a group meeting with her. At first, I refused. Finally, however, because my friend kept sharing about the useful things she was learning, and because of her insistence, I went. At the meeting, I heard about something that has changed my life.

It was the first time I learned that we can form a partnership with God or with the devil through what we choose to do in our life. So I asked ‘How?’ As the leader of our meeting explained what he meant, I understood that whenever we do black magic and sorcery, we are making a partnership with the devil. This prevents blessing and causes problems. This helped me to understand why we always had problems at home. Then I asked the leader of the group to come to my house and pray with us and help us to get rid of all of our amulets and charms we had used for sorcery.

I decided not to partner with the devil again. Instead, I pray every day now, and ask the Lord to partner with me when I need something. When I started giving the Lord control, the problems became less, and we noted a real difference in our lives at home.”

Several elements of this story happen repeatedly around the world. People come to a training meeting or allow a home visit because their neighbors talk excitedly about the useful skills they are learning. When they come, they discover their spiritual problems are wrapped together with physical ones. The spiritual problems make the physical problems much more difficult to solve. They discover they need the power of Jesus Christ, who rose from the dead. Without Jesus, it is impossible to trust God, to trust others, or even trust themselves. Without this trust, they are stuck in a world that is bad and getting worse.

This is the season of Easter, when the hope that began with Jesus’ birth culminates in the joy of his victory over death. The victory of Jesus was not just victory over his own death, but also victory over the death spiral that everyone on earth has shared. This is a victory truly worth celebrating.

At first, unfortunately, the woman in this story knew nothing of the victory of Jesus. She was living in a discouraging world of defeat. However, through Medical Ambassadors and the strategy of Community Health Evangelism (called something else in this woman’s country, of course), this woman and her family have come to faith in Jesus. They are now experiencing the joy of Easter with us.

How wonderfully transforming is the power of this good news!

Would you like to be involved in this thrilling process along with Medical Ambassadors? Please listen carefully to hear what God is nudging you to do.

Please consider these options:

  1. Pray: Prayer is the most powerful tool God has given to Medical Ambassadors!
  2. Give generously: Many MAI trainers, like the one who led this woman to Jesus, are seriously under-supported.
  3. Volunteer: You can become anything from an MAI advocate to an MAI missionary.

lightstock_320159_full_aprillightstock_231545_full_april lightstock_322422_full_april

Attached is a response card to give you something to think about prayerfully.

I am excited about the opportunities God is offering you – less because of what they mean to Medical Ambassadors, and more because of what following through can mean for you.

Blessings indeed,
John Payne, MD

P.S. I don’t want to take for granted the power of the resurrection. Won’t you join me in sharing this good news and supporting those CHE trainers who share it, so more people can understand what it means to live “in partnership with God”?


Respond now:

John, I believe care for the whole person opens hearts!

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