One More for His Kingdom!

He cares especially for the orphans and the abandoned!

The following is an encouraging story from West Africa, about a young boy who was abandoned by his family because they assumed that his sickness meant he was cursed. Young Souleman survived because people in his community shared food with him. Then Souleman met a local CHE worker in his village and learned about the Lord Jesus.

In many villages throughout our world, sickness, disease or malformity are considered a curse upon a family or individual. It brings cultural shame, often severe, leaving that individual isolated, hungry, and homeless.

Souleman is a young man of 18 years who was abandoned by his parents when he was a small boy because of his many health issues. He suffered from several recurring sicknesses as well as frequent skin and leg infections. He was viewed as a cursed individual in his community.

Two years ago, he encountered the Gospel of Jesus through the local CHE work in his village and decided to become a follower of Jesus. He joined a Discovery Group and developed a thirst to study and grow in his understanding of the God of the Bible. After ten months, he read through the entire Bible!

He has committed his life to serve the Lord as a missionary in his own village and neighboring areas.  Though he was once without family, he now embraces the new spiritual family of other Christians that God has brought into his life. He says, “God gave me many parents in Jesus, I pray God bless those that blessed me. May the Lord take care of His children.”

Souleman received care through the generosity of neighbors and some of MAI’s COVID relief projects that have helped with his education, medical expenses, and basic physical need. He is being mentored to become one of the local CHE leaders and praises God for blessing him as his heavenly father.

Our Lord Jesus’ heart breaks for such people. He cares for the ones who are weak, crippled and lonely; and He calls on His followers to share the same concern too.

I tell you, now is the time of God’s favor, now is the day of salvation. II Corinthians 6:2b