Nigeria Emergency Response

MAI has a growing concern of safety for the people of Northeastern Nigeria. Life has become very challenging for millions of people during times of pandemic, lack of vaccines and medical support, and a massive migration of people out of their villages for fear of violence.

Here’s a news video from December 11, 2021 with insight on the current situation.

MAI’s Regional Coordinator for West Africa is native to Nigeria. He sees first-hand the ongoing crisis and has already buried several colleagues who were victims to violent attacks. Survivors of these families are being threatened and are very concerned about their safety. MAI has many Community Health Evangelism (CHE) trainers who are fleeing and displaced. This acute crisis is leaving people unable to produce an income for their families. They have lost the resources that took them years to build with the strategies learned in the CHE program.

Working alongside MAI’s Regional Coordinator for West Africa, who has a pulse on the immediate needs, a plan has been developed to provide emergency relief to CHE workers, trainers and interns.

The needs are as follows: 

  1. Financial aid for three CHE trainers. One has been sick with an eye ulcer, another lost his job and the third trainer needs to be reunited with his displaced family. Gifts will provide medical care, help cover living expenses and transportation assistance for these trainers.
  2. Financial aid for a mother and her children who lost their father by attackers.  The father was the only source of income for the family. The mother needs to be relocated to be closer to her parents and rent a new place. The children need to be supported in their education. Gifts will help to lift the heavy financial burden.
  3. Financial aid to help relocate a female who will be serving as a ministry intern. Gifts will provide her passport, PCR test and travel to Ghana for internship.
  4. Financial aid for a volunteer CHE trainer who lost his job. His family is about to be evicted from their home. Gifts will provide rent assistance to help them catch up while he searches for new employment.
  5. Financial aid for the rehabilitation of 8 displaced youth due to insurgency. Gifts will provide meals and transportation back to their home.
  6. Financial aid for 24 displaced CHE workers. Gifts will provide meal assistance.
  7. Financial aid for a missionary and his wife who are not able to raise support in the current environment. Gifts will help cover living expenses.
  8. Financial aid for 6 interns in Ghana. Gifts will provide PCR tests and travel to Ghana for internship.

A total of $15,500 is needed to cover all of these needs. Please give as you are able by clicking the button below. NOTE: Please mention Nigeria in the comment box. Join us in praying for these needs to be met quickly and for the millions of people suffering. God hears and answers your prayers.

For more details or questions about these needs, please contact Dr. Bibiana MacLeod at 

MAI has created a ‘Crisis Response Fund’ [U 020] so we can respond within 48-72 hours when a CHE community reaches out to us for help. If you want to join us in our efforts to immediately respond to different types of disasters that affect the communities that we work with in our CHE programs around the world, please donate to this fund.