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Standing with us.

Dear Friends,

            When we moved from Texas to the Central Valley of California, the easiest thing to adjust to, was the heat! Then came all the other logistical issues, but they are all now completed and since the first of June, I have been focusing on taking over the responsibilities of overseeing this amazing organization – Medical Ambassadors International (MAI)! In the last couple of weeks, I have had the pleasure of meeting with many of the friends and supporters of MAI, and reading up and learning about the incredible work that the Lord has been doing Internationally and locally here in the US through MAI.

            Medical Ambassadors’ ministry is unique in that its approach is simple, Biblical and easily replicable because of its powerful and well thought out curriculum. The strategy builds on the community’s ownership of its own survival strategy and facilitates empowerment. The work has grown and strengthened over the last 3 decades into becoming an extremely well worked through approach, that focuses on the poor and marginalized, and very cost effectively brings about Holistic transformation. MAI is directly engaged in the process in 40 countries around the world, and through partners in another 50 countries. Over the years the ministry has grown in quality and effectiveness and specialized not only in Community Health Evangelism, but also in special projects such as Woman’s Cycle of Life, Children’s CHE, and the program for the disabled. Overseen by a team of dedicated and committed Christian global experts, the program continues to grow and flourish due to its strong training and capacity building work.

           As I consider the complexity of the organization, I am amazed at the way the Lord has worked on me and prepared me for this task. He has taken me through many and varied situations in a wide range of contexts. That preparation has taken place as I served the Lord in the corporate sector, multiple International NGOs (Non-Government Organizations) and mega organizations like the Asian Development Bank and the United Nations Development Program (UNDP). That journey also involved moving to and living in multiple locations within India, followed by living in Cambodia, China, and finally the US.

            One of my favorite verses is Jeremiah 29:11. The Lord has consistently shown me that He has total control of my life and through the tough and difficult times, has consistently prepared me for my ministry. The tough times have taught me to persist and stay the course, and the difficult contexts have taught me how to love people with compassion because God has poured His love into my heart for them.

        I am humbled by this great responsibility God has given me, but confident that He is in me, to ‘will and do His good pleasure’.

        Thank you so much for faithfully standing with us, and being a part of our ministry. God is using you to accomplish His work.


Dr. Ravi I. Jayakaran


Medical Ambassadors International

 Dr. Ravi, I want to partner with Medical Ambassadors International! 

I want to give generously for: 

Frontline Workers

Where most needed


I would like to learn how I can set up automatic monthly giving.

I have a prayer request I would like to share. 

Please send me MAI's monthly prayer guide, Prayer Ambassadors.

We appreciate your prayer and financial support. Without you as a member of the team, this ministry would not be possible.

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