NEW CHE Communities Forming

Community Health Evangelism (CHE) is a multifaceted approach to Christian ministry that addresses the needs of the whole person—physical, spiritual, emotional, and social. It is a strategic way to facilitate holistic transformational development or integral mission.

The CHE strategy includes three distinct phases that bring physical and spiritual change to a community over a period of four or more years. 

Learn more about the three phases here. 

Below are a few updates from field missionaries seeking to establish new CHE communities.

These communities are each progressing through various phases of CHE. It’s exciting!

Undisclosed Location: A partner organization, who had been working in a poor desert country with no identified churches, recommended to the leaders of a small band of Jesus followers to take CHE training for wholistic development and planting a church. The CHE trainer planned on providing a TOT1 training but she found that their bible knowledge and understanding of Christian living was very minimal; therefore, she had to greatly modify the training. The training was well received and the community was eager to keep moving forward. Trainers are now working to provide human development lessons and the alpha program on the basics of faith.

Please keep these new believers in prayer. 


Undisclosed Location: A church leader in a sea bordering town expressed a keen interest in the church based CHE training for all three of their evangelical churches. A TOT1 committee training was completed for them. Now CHE volunteers are being selected by the committee. The next committee training will be focused on evaluation of community resources and needs.

Please pray for these church leaders as they journey together to make wholistic disciples, who make wholistic disciples. 


Undisclosed Location: In response to extensive prayer by the CHE training team over the expansion of CHE to new communities in this creative access country and in cooperation with spiritual leaders, a map of the country was developed to illustrate the communities where there were existing churches and ministries working. The team identified very few churches and almost no ministries in the hard to reach border areas of this country. Research was done on these new areas, along with time set aside to explore and pray.  The team took a two day long travel to the first remote area. Here the team found prosperous agriculture due to a high water table. Shallow wells provided the water needed to grow crops and sunshine was plentiful! They were surprised to find many Christians, but only one non-evangelical church.

They visited the priest at the one church. While visiting him, they also met a Christian lady, let us call her Miriam, who had been organizing activities for some of the women and children of the church. Miriam is a hardworking farm wife with a big heart for serving. The CHE team had a long visit with her and a took a tour of the four area villages. Miriam became very interested in learning the principles of CHE. She elected to be mentored by the CHE team and she has now become the CHE champion for the church and villages!

Please pray for Miriam and for many more community members to be trained as CHE leaders and facilitators, bringing transformation to the people of these farming villages.