Multiply Kingdom Impact with Year-End Giving

As the 2022 year-end giving season approaches, Medical Ambassadors International (MAI) would be privileged to partner with you in our work of healing lives and transforming communities.

Jesus taught us to “produce good and lasting fruit” 70+ times in the bible, which gives us a basic blueprint for selecting effective ministries to support financially. For over 40 years, through God’s amazing grace, MAI has been producing good and lasting fruit. Founded in 1980 by Dr. Ray Benson, MAI began as a traditional medical mission-trip style organization with U.S. surgeons providing medical care in Vietnam and several other countries. In the ensuing years, that focus began to expand well beyond medicine to a broader holistic integrated community development model now known as Community Health Evangelism (CHE).

Today, MAI’s model involves beginning with a community assessment, identifying several village leaders who can take an inventory of the community’s raw material, learned skills, and human resources. Those leaders then identify their community’s greatest needs. Once those needs are identified, MAI provides training to community identified and selected CHE volunteers so that the community can work towards meeting its own needs with as little external support as possible. Most importantly, each training curriculum is fused with gospel teaching that points to Christ as the ultimate provider and savior.

Those whose lives have been transformed have gone on to become leaders in their communities. Whole communities have become alive spiritually, have overcome the debilitating impacts of poverty, have seen improvement in their health, and have been empowered to develop sustainable lifestyles.

Watch MAI in action! 

Investing financial resources into MAI brings a significant return on investment to year-end giving.


Tim Barker, Founder of ROI Ministry (ROIM), discovered that less than 1% of worldwide Christian giving is used to help the poorest, lost people. He also discovered this is where the greatest lasting impact per dollar was being made. Tim became passionate about sharing this information and thus began Return on Investment Ministry (ROIM).

ROIM seeks to find, support, and promote ministries that have high levels of impact per dollar invested for the Kingdom of God. These organizations proclaim the gospel, bring people to faith, or help the poor and needy in the name of Christ—and do so in very effective ways, thus ensuring a high return on investment (ROI) for kingdom giving.

Each year, since 2011, ROIM has identified and published its list of “Top 10” ministries that operated programs in the prior year that reaped significant outcomes with the finances entrusted to them. ROIM utilizes one of the most reputable third-party ministry vetting organizations in the world to do this: Calvin Edwards and Company (CEC).

Medical Ambassadors International (MAI) was selected for a 5th year in a row as a “Top 10” ministry by ROIM!

According to the 2020 report of ROI Ministries, every $1000 invested in MAI’s ministry impacts 1032 people globally. In 2020, MAI impacted the lives of 2.98 Million people. The cost to impact one person per year, talking into account all MAI’s total costs in 2020 was $0.97.

Give Today & Multiply Kingdom Impact with Year-End Giving.


“We look forward to partnering with you to make wholistic disciples who make wholistic disciples.”

– Dr. Ravi Jayakaran, President