Meet Lia

Cape Verde is a country in West Africa. It’s made up of a region of islands collectively known as Macaronesia. Cape Verde has won a positive reputation in promoting what is considered the most stable democracy in Africa, a standard of living higher than most African nations, however, poverty is still a main problem and there are growing disparities between rich and poor regions.

According to research by Humanium on Cape Verde, other problems include a lack of resources, poor housing conditions, and failure of social protection for children. Almost 20% of the population lives with mediocre sanitation facilities, housing conditions, and access to drinking water. Children in rural areas are particularly affected. In spite of the progress to date, child mortality is still too common. Most are due to diarrhea, respiratory problems, malnutrition, and other health issues. Health education is lacking, especially regarding the prevention of teen pregnancy, the widespread practice of non-medical abortions, and the battle against STDs and HIV/AIDS.

Many girls are affected by the practice of “temporary suspension of pregnant students,” and don’t resume their schooling after they give birth. Some children live in the streets due to their level of poverty. These children exist in higher numbers in the main city centers. They usually work as car washers or vendors. These children are usually vulnerable and unprotected, and risk abuse or being forced by adults to commit robberies. Cape Verde is also a transit country for the trade of girls (and boys) who have turned to prostitution in order to survive.

Meet Lia.

Lia is an MAI Missionary serving in Cape Verde. Her tenacious spirit and bright smile is contagious! Lia recently welcomed an MAI Resource Development Team Member into her one-room flat over zoom to share about what God is doing in the lives of her fellow community members. Lia spends most of her time traveling around the region teaching and training Community Health Evangelism (CHE) lessons. CHE is a multifaceted approach to Christian ministry that addresses the needs of the whole person—physical, spiritual, emotional, and social. It is a strategic way to facilitate holistic transformational development. With over 10,000 lessons, CHE brings solutions to the myriad of problems women, children and men face in Cape Verde.

Listen to Lia share how a principle from God’s Word and CHE financial management lessons were applied recently by a family living in extreme poverty. It’s miraculous!


Come hear more from Lia and other MAI female missionaries on Saturday, November 14 from 10 am – 11 am PST via zoom for our Woman By God’s Design virtual event.

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