Meet Carmalita

This year-end MAI has been highlighting our Woman By God’s Design Campaign to raise awareness and funds for women and girls in vulnerable and oppressed communities around the globe.

Today, we are sharing about Southeast Asia.

Did you know gender in Southeast Asia is the deciding factor concerning independence, ability to work, and even health? Southeast Asian countries, such as Cambodia, Myanmar, Thailand, and Vietnam, are culturally diverse. However, the women of this region all share the experience of gender discrimination.

“Women in Southeast Asia face enormous social, economic, and health challenges, including pervasive inequality, violence, political instability and high burden of disease. The behavior of men in Southeast Asia contributes to the subservient role of women, as men often go unpunished for physical and sexual assault. Additionally, due to the economic climate in the region, many women and young children are trafficked and forced into prostitution, undesired marriages and bonded labor.” – The Official Journal of The World Psychiatric Association Gender Discrimination Study Southeast Asia

Creating change in the cultural norms of Southeast Asia requires tackling religious, social, and economic issues. Through Community Health Evangelism these issues are being addressed in urban slums and rural villages.

Community Health Evangelism (CHE) is a Christ-centered educational program that equips communities to identify issues and mobilize resources to achieve positive, sustainable change. CHE materials cover a broad range of transformational development topics including disease prevention and health promotion, poverty alleviation and economic development, social harmony, and spiritual life. There are over 10,000 CHE lessons, including those that pertain to specific issues women and girls face.

Meet Carmalita. She lives in Southeast Asia. Her testimony represents one of many examples of women being transformed by Christ through CHE. 

A ripple effect of wholistic disciple making is taking place because of your generosity and prayers!

Give today to raise the status of women and girls in vulnerable and oppressed communities around the globe! Every dollar makes a difference.

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