Malaria Control Project Cast Study Nigeria

Various intervention on malaria eradication/reduction in Africa communities in the past has been hampered by the exclusion of various indigenous factors such as life-style of the people, uniqueness of the environment, and the type of the malaria that is prevalent in African society.

The need for the introduction of home grown solutions and interventions, aimed at the eradication of malaria is important. These home grown solutions, coupled with government policies, and enlightenment of the rural community about the need to eradicate the disease, would play a major role in the eradication/reduction of the disease in Africa in years to come.

“It is time Africans stand up to find solution to its own indigenous health challenges.”

– Dayo Obaweya,

West Africa Regional Director,

Medical Ambassadors International


As a Nigerian, Dayo has always been involved with community health. He currently serves as the West Africa Regional Director of Medical Ambassadors International and Chavan Global CHE Network. He started an organization called Helping Hand Initiative (an NGO registered in Nigeria). Dayo recognized that bed nets, aerial spray and other brands of repellants have been introduced in the past to mitigate the challenge of malaria with little or no reduction in incidences. Dayo saw the need for a holistic solution to the problem. He connected with Livful Incorporated USA in his search for a local and international solution.


Read more about the solution being evaluated in the case study report below.