Let’s Make a Difference!

Young people all over the world are concerned about the future. In the developing world, this concern adds to the overriding uphill concern of making a living or even just surviving. In the past few months, Medical Ambassadors International has launched a special drive to engage both the Millennials and Gen Z in a partnership to address the issues of increasing access to clean water, building household food security and preventing human trafficking.

Our colleague, Sharon Abebe, shared a report about her program and the impact it is having on women, men and especially the youth in remote parts of Ethiopia. Travel to remote places and camping there is not without risks. In fact, the public van in which she was travelling veered off the road when a tire burst. At all times, our field workers need to be covered by prayer.

A large group waited for Sharon when she finally got to the venue. She had many healthy discussions with the group on marriage and growing up. The meetings resulted in radical changes in attitude – especially for the youth. Sharon spoke about traditional beliefs and misconceptions that needed to be addressed, as well as the negative influence that the internet can have on behavior if the wrong sites are visited.

At the end of the meetings, Sharon was particularly impacted by the dramatic changes she saw in attitudes of the young people when they were exposed to Biblical teaching!

Reading Sharon’s report, we are struck by the fact that even the very poor youth in remote villages in the developing world have access to the internet and can easily be influenced by it.

Back here in the US, we are making special efforts to reach out to young people, especially Gen Z and Millennials. Young people today are concerned about the poor around the world that have problems with safe drinking water, food security and issues of human trafficking. We have recently launched a special consorted effort to address the issues of access to safe drinking water, building household food security, and preventing human trafficking. Both our social media platform and here on the website we have information on how young people can partner with MAI in these efforts. If you know young people in your family or church, please direct them here so they can join our special campaign.

Please be praying for the youth in the developing world and in the US. Decisions made now can have eternal consequences. Ecclesiastes 12:1 says, Remember your Creator in the days of your youth, before the days of trouble come and the years approach when you will say, “I find no pleasure in them.”