I will never become a Christian!

STORIES: I will never become a Christian!As we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus at Easter, we have a powerful story to share with you. A story of transformation and change where Tassy, the protagonist, was resurrected from darkness to light, and from death to become the inheritor of eternal life!

As a practicer of Voodoo, Tassy was motivated to oppose the gospel vehemently. Her signature statement was, “I will never become a Christian.” But all that changed when she encountered Christ. This story comes from a village in West Africa where the whole community was devoted to practicing Voodoo.

We met Tassy the first day we came to her village. We were gathered together, meeting with the leaders when she stood up. “I have something to say,” she said. “You look at me. There are a lot of people like me in this village. I will never become a Christian no matter what you guys do. But, do you think I can be part of your CHE program?”

“Yes. You can be part of our program,” we said. She repeated, “I told you I will never become a Christian.”
Tassy was chosen to be on the CHE committee, and guess what? The CHE program began, and the team was chosen—15 of them—and they started coming to Christ.

STORIES: I will never become a Christian!

Three years passed, and the program had added a church; we were now using all the components of the physical and spiritual CHE lessons. One day we were teaching the spiritual aspects of a lesson before teaching the physical components, and we asked, “Does anyone have anything to say?” Tassy, who swore she would never become a Christian, stood up. “I want to receive Christ’s Spirit.” “What happened?” we asked. She was very calm. She said, “For years I have been watching you, and today I’ve come to realize you have something I want. I want your joy. I want your peace. I want your love. I watch the way you handle us in this village. If somebody didn’t have something special, they would never be here like you are.” That day she gave her life to Jesus; and today Tassy is very strong in her faith. Tassy has transformed!

Under the influence of Tassy and the CHE committee, almost 95% of the village has come to faith in Jesus. The village is also transformed.

This Easter, as you celebrate Jesus’ resurrection, plan an active part in introducing Him to your friends and relatives. Jesus Christ is risen, and he is actively engaged in transforming lives around the world.