Prayer Requests and MAI Response to Haiti Earthquake

Please pray for Haiti. Our CHE partners at the Episcopal Church have lost children who died in their homes, and many more deaths are being reported in several Southern cities. Missionary Flights International and Samaritan Purse are flying into Port au Prince to help Missionary Aviation Fellowship bring supplies in. Tents and clinics will be needed to attend to the wounded, (shelters, food, drinking water, temporary sanitation). Our Medical Ambassadors team is located in the North. They are in communication with the CHE partners affected assessing needs and developing a plan to help with what they have.

Please pray for a detour of upcoming tropical storm on Monday and tsunami advisories, with multiple aftershocks. God, have mercy!

MAI has established a Central Relief Response fund to immediately respond to different types of disasters that affect the communities that we work with in our CHE programs around the world, please donate to this fund.

Thank you. We will keep you informed.

Dr. Bibiana MacLeod

International Relief Coordinator

Medical Ambassadors International