Food Security

Poor and marginalized communities often struggle with meeting their food consumption needs during parts of the year. These are called ‘hunger periods’ in their annual cycle, and could last anywhere between 1-3 months. These hunger periods result in them turning to money lenders to borrow money, or migrating to the near by cities to earn money. Neither of these help the family in the long run.

There is a way out of this dilemma…

CHE programs are now focusing on teaching vulnerable families about small scale vegetable cultivation and mini income generation programs to help them get through those difficult months. These small scale interim food security programs can be launched using ‘start up’ kits that are context specific and easy to train and implement.

Click here to learn how Eunice, a mother of 3, is implementing this in her community in Kenya.

Make a difference

For a one time gift of $50 you can help a poor family access a mini food security startup kit, so they can ‘see’ what is possible and make their own provisions for it in the future.

A gift of $50 can help a family of 4-6.

A gift of $100 can help two families.

A gift of $250 can help five families.

A gift of $1,000 can help start a community garden.


Managing Scarce Resources Effectively