Focus: Disability – 2020 Update

Silvia and Marcelo López’s son, Felipe, had a sever motor disability. Sadly, in September 2015, Felipe went home to be with the Lord. Silvia and Marcelo decided that disability was a finished subject in their lives. However, God called them to develop programs that would reach individuals with disabilities in South and Central America and the Caribbean through Community Health Evangelism (CHE). During his 25 years of life, their son Felipe had achieved some incredible goals. He was the best student in his school, he did mission trips and was formally recognized as the Outstanding Young Man of Cordoba, Argentina. Silvia and Marcelo decided to take on the new challenge of becoming a Trainer of Trainers for Integral Evangelism through the development of community projects that would include individuals with disabilities.

Since 2016, they have been translating and developing lessons related to disabilities, and have trained leaders in Haiti, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Honduras, Nicaragua, Guatemala, El Salvador, Mexico and Argentina. They have also received training from other mission organizations. The training manuals include biblical principles as well as the tools needed for the integral evangelization of individuals with disabilities. In 2020, they promoted the idea that churches, on the first Sunday of December, would teach about individuals with disabilities, pray for them and carry out community projects that would include these individuals. There is an enormous need, but there are also some wonderful results.

An example is Juan Talamante, a young man from Puerto Peñasco, Mexico, who has a physical disability and thought that God had cursed him. But through the training they provided in his church, applying the CHE program, he realized that our Lord Jesus Christ always gave special attention to individuals with disabilities, assuring them of a special place in the Kingdom of God. Today, Juan is working in a community project in his community aimed at individuals with disabilities and testifying to God’s love. This is the transformation that God carries out through His Holy Spirit and the outreach of the CHEP program. To God be the glory!