Financial Assistance Needed for Flood Relief in Kenya

The recent floods have left families displaced, homes destroyed, and lives shattered. As a community, we are coming together to extend a helping hand to those in desperate need of assistance.

Our primary objective is to deliver vital relief supplies to families impacted by the floods in CHE Villages within the Illumanthi Community in Eastern Kenya. Additionally, we are dedicated to supporting them as they work to reconstruct their lives.

Here is a breakdown of the urgent needs and costs associated:

  1. Food Packages: Each family requires a food package to sustain them during this challenging time. The package includes flour, rice, cooking oil, sugar, beans, tea leaves, salt, soap, matchboxes, paraffin, cabbage, onions, tomatoes, and a cooking stove. The cost to provide these essentials for one family is $100.
  2. Housing Assistance: Many families have lost their homes and need assistance in securing new accommodation. We aim to provide two months’ rent as they re-establish themselves. The average cost per household for two months’ rent is $70, totaling $1190.
  3. Roofing Materials: To rebuild their homes, families require roofing tin, cement, and other construction materials. We estimate the cost of 20 pieces of roofing tin at $600 each (totaling KS. 12,000) and 15 bags of cement at KS. 700 each (totaling KS. 10,500), along with transportation costs, approximately totaling $161.

The reconstruction efforts, including mud bricks, timber, and labor, are being mobilized from the community and local church. Your generous donation will directly contribute to providing shelter, food security, and hope to those who have lost everything.

Thank you for considering this urgent appeal and for your compassion towards the people of Kenya during this difficult time. Together, we can make a meaningful impact and help families rebuild their lives.

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