Financial Assistance Needed for Flood Relief in Kenya

Recent unprecedented floods in Kenya have swept away a crucial road, transforming the transportation of goods and people into a perilous undertaking. A trainer affiliated with CHE in the area, shared the harrowing journey of his wife, who navigated the floodwaters by transitioning from bus to motorcycle to a man’s back and eventually to a boat, repeating the process.

The aftermath of the floods has resulted in challenges such as food shortages, impassable roads, farm losses, and the displacement of people over the past month. The immediate need for essential supplies, including food, water, and shelter, is critical for those responding to this crisis.

Medical Ambassadors International partners are urgently seeking funds to provide immediate assistance to 100 families in the affected area.

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Please continue to pray for:

  • The mitigation of the El Niño effects, addressing flooding, food shortages, and the reported cases of accessibility and communicable diseases.
  • Health and strength for those serving the affected communities.
  • The light of the Gospel to shine even in the darkest areas during this Christmas season.
  • An increase in laborers dedicated to addressing the challenges in this field.