Falilat’s Story

from 2020 Annual Report 


Falilat lives in the Benin Republic. She is married with four children. Her husband went to look for work in nearby Burkina Faso since he couldn’t find work where they lived. Falilat began baking bread to sell and trade. However, in 2020 COVID-19 infected their area and everything came to a halt. No money, no supplies to bake bread, nothing to eat. Falilat and her children hovered between life and death, not due to sickness but rather to lack of resources.

God in His goodness saw Falilat and her children’s needs and put a burden in the heart of the local CHE (Community Health Evangelism) workers to visit her and share the message that Jesus loved her and cared for her. They helped her restart her business and told her it was a gift from Jesus. Falilat was amazed! No one had told her about Jesus before and she wanted to know more about Him. How could this Jesus know her and send someone to help her? How could He love her and provide for her family’s needs? Falilat used the support she received to purchase food for her family and wheat flour to start baking bread again. Old customers came rushing back when they saw she had bread to sell. Falilat joined the local Christian church because she believes that “Jesus loves me and my family. He gave me joy.” Not long afterwards, her husband came back from his travels and was surprised at how well his family was doing all because of “what Jesus had done. Jesus is good.”








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