Devastating Super Typhoon Hits Philippines

“RAI”, a Category 5 typhoon devastated Northern Mindanao, Western and Central Philippines on December 16, 2021. Devastation was widespread. For a country that was just rising back from the misery brought by Covid-19, the typhoon dealt more hardship for the affected regions. Early reports estimated that 300,000 people are displaced, 375 confirmed dead, houses are damaged and flooded, there is wide spread loss of power and no drinking water. The city of Cebu, the second largest city after Manila, is severely affected with the majority of its people living in slum areas.


UPDATE: As of December 30, the boat captain has been found alive.

UPDATE: As of December 25, 2021 MAI has been informed that the typhoon brought 2-3 meter high waves on the chain of islands across Cebu City. One island has a population of 3,000 and the other has a population of 30,000. The one with 3,000 had 60 confirmed dead and 40 missing (estimates). Most of their residences are totaled. There is still no electricity or water. Food is sparse and and the lines are very long for fuel, water and recharging cell phones.

MAI has partnered with local CHE leaders on the ground to provide initial emergency cash assistance. Relief work has started and supplies are beginning to be distributed. Two hundred individuals have received cash assistance, goods comprising of rice, mongo beans, sugar, salt, vegetable oil, kerosene, and many were provided with a solar powered light/radio/USB recharger.

One lady said “with Christ I can smile at the storm.” We praise God for faithful servants on the ground doing what they can to bring relief, prayer and encouragement.

The community members have a very long road ahead of them. Of particular concern is the delivery of medical care, medicines, food, water, and other supplies. Another concern is finding the captain of the outrigger boat that will be used to transport goods. The boat was found but the captain is still missing.


The amount MAI wants to pledge by faith is $25,000 to support these efforts in the weeks and months ahead. 

MAI received the following prayer requests:

  1. Relief for house repairs.
  2. Relief for damaged public buildings (churches/chapels).
  3. Provision of solar panels for public buildings.
  4. Provision of water needs especially for the outlying islands.
  5. Pray for attempts to connect with Samaritan’s Purse and possibilities of partnering with them in the long-term for rehabilitation.

We will continue to post updates as they become available. 

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