The strategy of Community Health Evangelism/Education (CHE) operates on a principle of maximizing available resources within the community to enable it to move towards a sustainable and empowering outcome. Disasters in a community, depending on their intensity, often leave the community with depleted resources in building back a viable survival strategy.

MAI has created a ‘Crisis Response Fund’ [U 020] so we can respond within 48-72 hours when a CHE community reaches out to us for help. If you want to join us in our efforts to immediately respond to different types of disasters that affect the communities that we work with in our CHE programs around the world, please donate to this fund.


Current Needs:

Ukraine Churches, ONGOING

Haiti Cholera Outbreak

Kenya Flooding 

2020-2023 Crisis Response & Follow Up Stories:

Download 2023 Crisis Response Report 

Download 2022 Crisis Response Report

Pakistan Floods, October 2022

Guarani Community, Bolivia, January 14, 2022

Philippines Typhoon Response, December 16, 2021 

Nigeria Emergency Response, December 13, 2021 

Haiti Earthquake 

GOMA Volcano


COVID-19 Relief Indonesia 

COVID-19 Relief India