Covid Response India


Northern area: 200 laminated copies for prevention against COVID, sharing them also on social media, and a massive Prevention Campaign in three districts, some visited door to door, some with loudspeakers, biking 30-35 km from village to village covering a total of 81 villages. Distribution of ration kits to 43 widows and 64 people living with disabilities received ration kits for a month.

South Area 1: 3 villages among the Devadasi community received 250 relief kits with food, health awareness campaign.

South Area 2: 176 families of people living with disabilities received nutrition supplement and health awareness campaign.


Dear Friends,

I’ve been watching the news in awe. As I hear the anchor describe the scene in India my heart aches with those crying on the screen for their relatives who are desperate and unable to get help.

India is in dire need of relief.

Hospitals are turning people away. Resources are exhausted. Crematoriums are overwhelmed with the ashes of unclaimed remains. In a country that exported millions of vaccines, they are in serious lack of vaccinations for their own people.

Scarcity. Despair. Pain. Death at an alarming rate.

The lack of resources in remote areas, the effect of lockdowns in transportation of goods and friends trying to reach larger cities to be cared for, compels us with a sense of urgency to respond. We want to stand by their side and let them know we care, because God cares.

In conversation with local CHE trainers and our colleagues overseeing the region, we are beginning to explore ways to help where our unique skills and resources can encourage our brothers and sisters in their struggle.

Medical Ambassadors International has established two accounts to respond to the crisis. Fund R977 receives funding for COVID response around the world. We will focus on India in the coming weeks. Fund U020 has been established to respond to any disaster we are asked to help with, hoping to have available resources to come alongside our CHE trainers immediately after the crisis happens.

There are three ways you can join us right now.

Make a donation to one or both of MAI’s crisis funds. Go to, click on support a program. Or simply click the links below.

Fund R977

Fund U020

Consider contributing to other ministries that are actively involved in relief in the areas where suffering is the greatest.

Please, pray. Pray for the suffering to end. Pray that God, who encouraged His people in 2 Chronicles 7:14 to turn to Him, will heal the land. We believe in what He says. We are just responding to His call to action.

Thank you in advance for joining us to heal communities both physically and spiritually.

In His Service,

Dr. Bibiana MacLeod

International Relief Coordinator, MAI