Covid Relief Response in Indonesia

Indonesia is facing new challenges as the COVID 19 delta variant began spreading in June and made the country a new epicentre of the pandemic. Many sectors have been affected. Not only are the hospitals overwhelmed, but so also the social, political, and economic conditions have become increasingly vulnerable. The Authorities announced restrictions on community activities from early July especially in Java and Bali Islands. This has impacted several provinces where MAI works with a local NGO partner agency called PKN for the CHE program and emergency response programs. This program is focused especially on the marginalized rural and urban poor communities where people daily labour to put food on the table for their families.

PKN is responding with the following support:

  1. Basic Needs Packages for those who desperately need it
  2. Quarantine Packages for people who are infected with Covid-19
  3. Subsidy of Covid test for people who can’t afford the covid test
  4. Public Kitchen for marginal communities (see photo above)

Please continue to pray for Indonesia. Pray that God will enable them to face this difficult situation and be able to trust that God will take care of the community and the PKN staff from the impact of the pandemic.