Community Relief Response 2020


Democratic Republic of Congo (GOMA Volcanic Eruption): $16,000 for CHE community, food supplies

Update Goma

Pastor Alphonse has returned home, as many other members of his church, where rebuilding and cleaning has started. He has requested materials for trauma healing that MAI was able to provide in French, hoping that Alphonse will be translating to the local language as he studies the material. Read the full story here.



South East Asia: COVID response – food kits and subsidy for COVID testing $ 2,735

South Asia: COVID response with food supplements in 3 locations: Distributed $21,500 US

South Asia Update

Northern area: 200 laminated copies for prevention against COVID, sharing them also on social media, and a massive Prevention Campaign in three districts, some visited door to door, some with loudspeakers, biking 30-35 km from village to village covering a total of 81 villages. Distribution of ration kits to 43 widows and 64 people living with disabilities received ration kits for a month.

South Area 1: 3 villages among the Devadasi community received 250 relief kits with food, health awareness campaign.

South Area 2: 176 families of people living with disabilities received nutrition supplement and health awareness campaign.

Read MAI’s Action on COVID 19.

Nicaragua: Two hurricanes in 13 days, (Eta and Lota), November 19, 2020. MAI sent $1,525, (MACA has contributed directly $14,000) and Logistics Hope Seeds packages for 1,000 families)

Nicaragua Update

Seeds packages with 10 different varieties were finally received in country this past month and have just completed quarantine determined by the government before authorized for distribution for 1,000 families thanks to Hope Seeds in Florida, USA. Training teams are starting to build capacity in new communities that are opening up to CHE thanks to the help received last November after two cyclones.

Read full story here.