CHE Core Values

Core values shape our application of Community Health Evangelism (CHE), despite variations that adapt the program to local needs, as identified by the community.

Prioritizing the whole person: Some ministries focus solely on the spiritual and ignore physical needs; others address only the physical. We address both.

Prayer: Because true transformation is the work of God we have to seek his help.

Commitment to the vulnerable and marginalized: Jesus offers salvation to everyone. However, he particularly calls us to serve those whom other might ignore.

Long Term Solutions: We focus on development rather than relief. We believe prevention of diseases (and other problems) is less costly and more sustainable than trying to cure them.

Local ownership: We do not want to promote a cycle of dependency on outside aid. Rather, we teach communities to identify and solve their own problems.

Participatory Learning: Our teaching methods engage adults in discussion, reflection and action, building on what they know. It also allows less educated people to shine as trainers.

Use of locally available resources: When people use resources they already have, they grow their independence and can teach others to do likewise.

Multiplication: The brilliance of CHE is that it doesn’t need professional development workers to thrive. Because it relies so heavily on local leadership and volunteers, once one community catches the vision, it spreads like wildfire.

Christian Servant Leadership: Jesus modeled leadership based on serving others, not being served by them. Thus, we raise leaders who, like Jesus, lead through sacrificially serving.

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