CHE Classes Become An Outlet For Women In MENA

BR is an NGO in a country in Middle East North Africa region where a team of devoted staff work through the community approach of Community Development Education (also known as CHE). BR works with women in many poor villages. In a village in the suburbs of a big city, a local partnership was formed, and volunteers from the partnership were trained in CHE. Classes were formed and then met on a weekly basis. After listening and learning from them about their needs, the villagers decided to receive and discuss lessons on disease prevention, parenting, self-care, and moral values. These classes became an outlet for the women to speak from their hearts, share their problems, and find support and hope for their future. The volunteer facilitators also continued to be regularly empowered in their training and communication skills to enhance their work with the women.  We praise God as these classes produced a huge impact in women’s lives and their families.

Transformational Stories:

A woman attending the class shared: “I did not feel I had any worth. I did not finish my education, and this made me feel inferior and small among others. Because of the lesson on self-worth, I realized I have great value, and I am important because I am a human being created in God’s image. And knowing my worth made me feel self-confident. Now, I also know that I am important to those around me, especially my husband and children.”

Another woman shared: “It was easy for me to get angry, especially with my children. After taking the lesson on parenting, I am trying to control my anger, and instead trying to use polite conversation with them. This has had a very good impact on my children, especially my daughter, as previously my relationship with her was not good at all.”

Another shared, “I benefited a lot from the lesson on nutrition. I used to focus on certain kinds of food and neglected the other kinds, but now I am including a variety of foods from the four food groups. I started to cook whole grains for my children.  I also add yogurt to our meals and serve more green leafy vegetables.”