Support Needed: Cholera Outbreak in Haiti

Medical Ambassadors of Haiti are familiar with diseases that cause diarrhea in general and cholera is not new to them, however, cholera is back and taking lives. The local health system is struggling to respond to this outbreak, and patients are younger than the ones that fell sick 12 years ago, post-earthquake. In August 2023, […]

Community Care

The heart of a community is its people. When the people are healthy and happy, the community thrives. The idea of community comes from a sense of responsibility and care for others.  Matthew 18:20 tells us that when people gather together, the Holy Spirit is present.  In Acts, chapter 2, we see a beautiful picture […]

Prayer Requests and MAI Response to Haiti Earthquake

Please pray for Haiti. Our CHE partners at the Episcopal Church have lost children who died in their homes, and many more deaths are being reported in several Southern cities. Missionary Flights International and Samaritan Purse are flying into Port au Prince to help Missionary Aviation Fellowship bring supplies in. Tents and clinics will be […]