Ema’s Resolve

As a new year starts, it is often the time when people like to make resolutions for change. Unfortunately, those resolutions often don’t last very long! We have a powerful story from Kenya, where a series of changes took place in an isolated and marginalized community. Ema*, a Kenyan missionary and his family resolved to […]

An Opposer of CHE is TRANSFORMED!

While visiting the home office, Rhodora Mendoza, Area Coordinator for the Philippines, shared an interesting story with us. When we are doing God’s work, and then experience opposition or sabotage, it is a call for us to hold firm and continue without giving up. It is God who has called us to His mission field […]

Healthy Boundaries and Christianity

The word “boundary” can conjure up images of fences, no trespassing signs and general distancing.  Recently, with the COVID-19 pandemic, boundaries were created by distancing at least 6 feet apart.  Wearing masks felt like a boundary in itself, as it became very difficult to see facial expressions and therefore make relational connections. The book, Boundaries: […]