Building Family Relationships

As the months go by, it’s hard to realize that yet another difficult year is in its 8th month! On the other hand, it is yet another opportunity to help support our field staff and partners as they serve the communities that they have been called to serve.

Our story is about Elizabeth from East Africa. If you walked past her in her village you wouldn’t consider her to be a charismatic or impressive person. Yet, as you learn about her you find out that she has been a powerful catalyst for change and has been a powerful instrument in God’s hands to help restore, build and transform the relationships in her home.

Elizabeth struggled with the strained relationships within her family. During mealtimes, each member of the family would take his or her food and move away from the others to eat alone. This led to more divisions within the family because of a lack of communication, understanding, and common planning. Elizabeth longed to read the Bible and pray with her family, but these things seemed like an impossibility if they were not even sharing meals. After joining a newly formed CHE group, Elizabeth learned how one individual could serve as a catalyst for change through God’s power and love. She also learned about how God desires to heal broken relationships in all areas of life. She was particularly moved by the lesson on having a healthy home.

As she put what she learned into practice, her family responded to her example and leading and began to rebuild their bonds of relationship. They started by sharing meals together and talking. They then began adopting some of the healthy home practices in their household. Finally, Elizabeth initiated praying together as a family. Now, each evening, every family member is assigned a Bible passage to read and share with the rest of the family, from Elizabeth to her grandchildren. She is humbled by what God has done in her family.

When we work on the field, we encounter many people like Elizabeth who, although they are quiet and reserved when they are outside their homes, is a powerful voice for the Lord inside their own homes. We have sometimes heard the women tell us quietly, that even though their husbands are the head of their homes, they (the women) are the ”neck that turns the head” in the direction it should face!

Jesus often demonstrated that He was a champion for the upliftment of women and freed them from their heavy yolk. Our Women’s Cycle of Life (WCL) program plays a significant role in complimenting CHE programs with special efforts for the enhancement of the status of women in their communities.

A wife of noble character who can find? She is worth far more than rubies.
Her husband has full confidence in her and lacks nothing of value.
She brings him good, not harm, all the days of her life. Proverbs 31:10-12

Praise the Lord for creating both men and women, especially those who want to serve Him with all their hearts.