Bringing Food Security to Uganda

A few years ago, Medical Ambassadors International (MAI) trainer, Samuel Ariho, attended the Community Health Evangelism (CHE) internship in Nairobi.  He then took what he learned into Northern Uganda to teach the people how to achieve food security in their area.  Samuel shared that even though COVID-19 restrictions slowed down many activities in Uganda, the CHE trainings were not affected.  While Samuel was limited in travel for training and follow up, the CHE groups worked hard and had much success.

An agronomist visited, training the groups on top dressing and fertilizer application. The groups worked together to plant cabbage, onion and tomato nurseries, which they later transplanted to a larger field.

Despite the low rainfall, the group members persisted in watering their gardens and this yielded great results. They sold some of the tomatoes they have harvested, using the money to re-invest back in the farm. Most of the group members are now growing these crops on their own farms while still participating in the group farming.  Some community members, having seen the success of the group farming, have been challenged to start their own gardens as well.

We thank God for group members who have committed themselves to train others so that food security will be achieved in these areas. Samuel asks that we pray that he will have more people to work alongside him, as well as resources to enable him to do more training and that He will be a light, shining God’s love to those he’s reaching.