MAI Board Members

Lisa Armour - Secretary
Former CHE Missionary Capetown, South Africa
Modesto, California
Served 6 years

Cindy Barton
Ripon, California
Served 1 year

Steve Belton, M.D. - Chairman
San Jose, California
Served 9 years

Carla Davis
CHE Specialist, Partners International
Beaverton, Oregon
Served 4 years

Chris Dunn, M.D.
Woodside, California
Served 1 year

Ravi I. Jayakaran, B.V.Sc.&A.H.
President/CEO of MAI
Ripon, California
Served 3 years

Wayne Jeffers, M.D. - Co-Chairman
Greeley, Colorado
Served 8 years

Paul Varkey Parayil
Facebook Engineer
Campbell, California
Served 5 years

Thomas Steipp - Treasurer
Tech Start-up Management, CEO Liquidmetal Technologies
Los Gatos, California
Served 4 years

Stefen Wiechers
Vice President of Corporate Finance, Align Technology
Los Gatos, California
Served 3 years


Key Home Office Staff

Suzette Montez, Controller

Laura Nelson, Vice President of Administration

John & Madelle Payne, Advancement Facilitators

Medical Ambassadors International
PO Box 1302 Salida, CA 95368
Phone: (888) 403-0600