Arie’s Journey of Generous Service

Jesus preached radical messages when He was ministering on this earth. He talked about being selfless and putting others’ interest above our own. He talked about forgiving those who had harmed us and loving our enemies. He talked about being generous givers. All things, that (on the face of it), didn’t make sense! This story […]

An Unusual Easter Party

When communities come together, relationships get strengthened. Sometimes preceded by challenges, that need reconciliation. Healed relationships help build community, which then enables it to focus on their most vulnerable members…their children.  This is one such story: In the heart of Kandeh Town (West Africa) where we have an active CHE program, a vibrant celebration took […]

An Albanian Community Steps Up!

Don’t you love the saying that “children are the future in the present.” One sure way to impact a community’s future is for it to focus on its children. As CHE activities emerge in a community, sooner or later, the focus on children emerges. When this happens, perspectives and priorities change. The community moves from […]

Urgent Appeal: Support Kenya Flood Victims Rebuild Their Lives

The recent floods have left families displaced, homes destroyed, and lives shattered. As a community, we are coming together to extend a helping hand to those in desperate need of assistance. Our primary objective is to deliver vital relief supplies to families impacted by the floods in CHE Villages within the Illumanthi Community in Eastern […]

First Aid Kits for Ukraine

Our partners in Slovakia continue to respond to the crisis in Ukraine. They are hoping to find supporters to purchase first aid kits that are taken to the front line, along with food for Internally Displaced People. Click here to learn more.  Join MAI in response to this need. Click U020 in the dropdown box. 

Baking a Recipe for Success

Years ago, I heard this phrase, “Hell hath no fury, like women united!” A group of women come together in a CHE program and discuss their situation and listen to the CHE facilitator. Then, as the alternatives are presented, the group latches on to a new idea. In this case it was the option of […]

A Harvest of Hope in Togo

Persistent poverty can cause a whole community to abandon hope and become stoic. The way they cope with their situation is to reduce expectations and choose the only way out – just laze around. A visit to a community such as this gives the visitor the impression that it is a “sleepy community.” Our CHE […]

“Poverty is the worst Kind of Violence”

Mahatma Gandhi said, “Poverty is the worst kind of violence.” When I finally get time to write it, the title of my next book will be “The Excruciating Violence of Abject Poverty,” if my publisher doesn’t shorten the title! Poverty is truly the evil one’s trump card to leave humans, God’s supreme creation crippled, dehumanized, […]

Ema’s Resolve

As a new year starts, it is often the time when people like to make resolutions for change. Unfortunately, those resolutions often don’t last very long! We have a powerful story from Kenya, where a series of changes took place in an isolated and marginalized community. Ema*, a Kenyan missionary and his family resolved to […]

Exciting News: Your Impact Recognized Again!

Dear friends, Thank you for your unwavering dedication to our mission of equipping vulnerable communities through Christ-centered health and development. I am thrilled to share some exciting news with you. MAI, has been honored by ROI Ministry for the fifth consecutive year as one of the Top 10 ministries with the highest impact per dollar […]