Baking a Recipe for Success

Years ago, I heard this phrase, “Hell hath no fury, like women united!” A group of women come together in a CHE program and discuss their situation and listen to the CHE facilitator. Then, as the alternatives are presented, the group latches on to a new idea. In this case it was the option of launching a new microenterprise to bake cookies. The idea got traction with the group, and before long the group was buzzing with ideas on how to produce cookies and market them. The story of how the enterprise began, grew and multiplied is below.

In a small community in Indonesia, a group of mothers with young children got together to see if they could supplement their meager incomes in some way. Several of the mothers had joined a microenterprise program given by Community Health Evangelism (CHE) leaders. These women shared with their friends the lessons they had learned and skills they had obtained.  After much prayer, they decided to set a New Year’s resolution – they would venture out on their own and start a cookie baking business. These new entrepreneurs decided to conquer the world of “coconut pastries” – a local treat found in abundance in that region.

Mrs. Rima*, the ever-enthusiastic CHE coordinator, rallied her fellow moms. They worked diligently shaping coconut cookies under the watchful eye of their trainer, Pijar*, who shared invaluable tips from her own experience. Together, they baked, packaged each batch, calculating the perfect price and portioning.

Their dedication bore fruit. More than 40 orders came from both nearby and afar. But the moms weren’t just focused on delivering deliciousness; they wisely wanted feedback, learning from every comment about the cookies’ condition and taste. This feedback became their secret sauce, boosting their confidence and igniting the fire of their entrepreneurial spirit.

This story of these empowered moms isn’t just about coconut cookies; it’s about resilience, engaging as a community, and the transformative power of small steps. With each batch, they are working together as a community, proving that even the smallest village can “bake a recipe for success.”

*Name of person changed to protect their identity.

Here is an example of how your financial support and prayers are bearing fruit for God’s kingdom. Your faithful giving provides core support to our field teams who work closely with communities to encourage hope through presenting viable alternatives. May the Lord bless you as you seek to partner with Him for the extension of His Kingdom.