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An Albanian Community Steps Up!

Don’t you love the saying that “children are the future in the present.” One sure way to impact a community’s future is for it to focus on its children. As CHE activities emerge in a community, sooner or later, the focus on children emerges. When this happens, perspectives and priorities change. The community moves from […]

A Harvest of Hope in Togo

Persistent poverty can cause a whole community to abandon hope and become stoic. The way they cope with their situation is to reduce expectations and choose the only way out – just laze around. A visit to a community such as this gives the visitor the impression that it is a “sleepy community.” Our CHE […]

“Poverty is the worst Kind of Violence”

Mahatma Gandhi said, “Poverty is the worst kind of violence.” When I finally get time to write it, the title of my next book will be “The Excruciating Violence of Abject Poverty,” if my publisher doesn’t shorten the title! Poverty is truly the evil one’s trump card to leave humans, God’s supreme creation crippled, dehumanized, […]

Ema’s Resolve

As a new year starts, it is often the time when people like to make resolutions for change. Unfortunately, those resolutions often don’t last very long! We have a powerful story from Kenya, where a series of changes took place in an isolated and marginalized community. Ema*, a Kenyan missionary and his family resolved to […]

Heal Lives and Transform Communities

Justine, whose story we have shared before, had a childhood of turmoil. When her parents got divorced and remarried other people, Justine’s life was disrupted as she tried to spend time with each parent in their respective villages. As a result, she dropped out of school and got married. The pain and trauma continued until […]

An Opposer of CHE is TRANSFORMED!

While visiting the home office, Rhodora Mendoza, Area Coordinator for the Philippines, shared an interesting story with us. When we are doing God’s work, and then experience opposition or sabotage, it is a call for us to hold firm and continue without giving up. It is God who has called us to His mission field […]

Let’s Make a Difference!

Young people all over the world are concerned about the future. In the developing world, this concern adds to the overriding uphill concern of making a living or even just surviving. In the past few months, Medical Ambassadors International has launched a special drive to engage both the Millennials and Gen Z in a partnership […]

Abundant Blessings All Around

Excruciating poverty results in loss of human dignity and snuffs out hope. It is surprising to see how life transforms and hope revives when the constraints that bind people are removed and they experience economic freedom. Hope kindled is like a light in the darkness and soon others also aspire for the same freedom to […]

“It Only Takes a Spark”

Remember that song called “Pass It On?” Here is a version you can listen to  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CkKgH5wYcFA Rere is a woman from the Middle East North Africa (MENA) Region. She sets a beautiful example for us this month. Self-examination, prompted by a trainer, caused her to evaluate where she was in her relationship with the Lord. […]