Annual Report

President’s Annual Report

Dear Supporters and Friends,
As an organization Medical Ambassadors International (MAI) has a presence around the globe, operating in 40 countries directly and in many others through partnerships with nearly 50,000 CHE (Community Health Evangelism) volunteers.
One of my greatest focuses as the new leader of MAI is that we continue strong in promoting our core strategy to share the Good News of the gospel by proclaiming it through word and deed, thus ensuring it continues to multiply and spread.
MAI’s approach is Simple, Biblical, Replicable and Transformational. In many places around the world it has already become a self-propagated movement that has been growing so fast it is hard to keep track of its growth! MAI’s approach is based on the admonishment the apostle Paul passed on to Timothy, the “son” he mentored, in 2 Timothy 2:2, namely, to faithfully pass on the things he had learned from Paul to other faithful disciples who could then do likewise to those they were mentoring. This is the core strength of MAI—this replication—and it is why we have been able to have such a wide global impact with a small budget of $2.7 million annually.
While the work globally has been growing with regularity, ongoing training continues in all the regions:

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We are a learning organization that values each team member over whom God has given us stewardship. -Dr. Ravi Jayakaran

MAI: The History

At Medical Ambassadors International we build relationships with the world’s most vulnerable people and together we work to heal communities both physically and spiritually.
In 1975, as South Vietnam was falling, a man name Dr. Raymond Benson was on the last airlift from the roof of the American Embassy.
Dr. Benson’s vision was for Christian medical professionals to establish clinics around the world. His hope was to heal people both physically and spiritually. Out of that desire, Medical Ambassadors was formed.
While Dr. Benson was correct in his assessment of the physical and spiritual needs of people around the world, he did not anticipate that the same people would keep coming back to the clinic with the same preventable illnesses. It became clear that this clinic-based model was not sustainable. In fact, we were creating a culture of dependency within the communities we were trying to help.

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Medical Ambassadors International is equipping communities through Christ-centered health and development

Global Reach Report

East Africa: In Uganda, Kenya, and Ethiopia, there are a total of 469 communities seeing transformational development through CHE. These communities have developed their own committees and mobilized over 7000 community volunteers, 681 people have made decisions to follow Jesus, 11 new churches have been planted, and five Bible schools have adopted CHE. The Church of Uganda has adopted CHE as a central ministry focus which resulted in churches in 33 districts of the country learning to share God’s love in their communities by helping their neighbors.
In the Wolaita region of Ethiopia, Holistic Ambassadors Ethiopia Ministry partnered with the Kale Heywet Church, the largest evangelical denomination in the country, to train 150 couples in family CHE.  One elderly man said: “I have been in this church for all my life, but I never heard such a lesson that touches all areas of life.”
South America/Caribbean: The Caribbean was hit hard in 2017 by Hurricanes Irma and Maria.  CHE communities with partner organizations in Haiti, Cuba, and the Dominican Republic responded by helping neighbors prepare for the potential destruction and by working together to clean up and rebuild.

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Morning to morning…This morning a hymn brought to mind a picture of the partnership God has with Medical Ambassadors International (MAI), and His ongoing faithfulness to provide for ongoing ministry needs. A truer statement would be hard to find.
New mercies I see…new president, new donors, new employees, new volunteers, new partnerships, new networks, new affiliations, all provided by our Savior and Lord Jesus Christ. All moving MAI forward with new vision and new strategies, and ultimately to result in more donors, more volunteers, more trainers, more programs, and many more people’s lives transformed worldwide.

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