An Unusual Gift in Kind!

God moves in mysterious ways, His wonders to perform!

This month’s story is about one such mysterious move of God in supplying a need on the field.

Rev. Mike, the principal of Josiah Bible College in Western Uganda, decided with the diocesan leadership to base his new college in a strategic location so that rural students from remote villages could have access to it. Later, when he became familiar with Community Health Evangelism (CHE), he decided CHE should become an integral part of the Bible school educational curriculum. The popularity of the school necessitated the need for expansion, and that is when Rev. Mike experienced God’s amazing provision! Here is his story…

“Cows built this building,” said Reverend Mike, principal of Josiah College in Western Uganda. Josiah College is where Community Health Evangelism (CHE) is taught as part of the curriculum, and many rural pastors are trained there.

Everyone asked how cows made it possible. Rev. Mike said, “A few years ago when we started a college in this remote village, people wondered how we would find students to study theology. We desired to attract local tribal boys who would not get opportunities anywhere else to study at a college.”

The college was built on land donated by the villagers and did indeed attract many local students. Interest soon grew, and there was a shortage of space for classes. Rev. Mike started an expansion program, but soon he ran out of funds before he could complete the building.

“Lord Jesus,” he prayed, “You gave me this vision; please help me complete the task.” However, none came forward to help him, because his college was so remote.

A month later, he was invited to speak at a very poor village nearby from which many of his students came. He preached with a heavy heart, sad that he would have to turn many students away. As an afterthought, he mentioned the need for funds to complete the expansion of the building.

After the service, a man came to him and said, “Please wait here.” He soon returned, pulling a cow. “Here,” he said, “sell this cow and use the money to complete your building!”

One by one, other villagers came and told him to wait and returned with a cow. Altogether, he received 18 cows that day. “That’s how 18 cows helped us build this building!” he proclaimed joyfully.

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Psalm 50:10 says “For every animal of the forest is mine, and the cattle on a thousand hills.” This month’s story shows how Rev. Mike discovered that unusual truth of God’s declaration!