The Board’s primary responsibility is to always act in the best interest of Medical Ambassadors International. Its duty to the ministry should be greater than even its duty to MAI’s Executive Committee, administrative staff, Regional and Area Coordinators, and donors. Although this principle seems somewhat of a paradox, it is not only supported by corporate law, but also by common sense.

Board members are not expected to be “super-beings,” but they are expected to exercise care and ordinary prudence. They are expected to provide a common-sense type of wisdom and to act in good faith. They have a duty to pray for and financially support MAI’s ministry and its personnel. Although members are to remain independent of MAI’s administration, they are also expected to provide it with their wisdom, counsel, support, and friendship. The Board should never view itself as an adversary of the President and/or other MAI personnel, but rather should always purpose to be a co-laborer in ministry.

Specifically, the Board is expected to do the following:

A. Safeguard the Vision of MAI 
– Fulfill legal requirements of MAI
– Assure the activities of the mission are in line with the vision of MAI
– Focus on policy rather than management

B. Oversee the President 
– Appoint and dismiss the President
– Perform an annual evaluation of the President

C. Ensure the Financial Integrity of MAI 
– Engage independent auditors and receive the audit report
– Approve the annual budget

D. Ensure Adequate Resources 
– Commit to personal giving
– Lend support in donor networking
– Review fund-raising strategy
– Commit to pray regularly for MAI

Source: MAI Board of Directors Handbook, Section 2.1