A Gift for the Season

A Gift for the Season

Several years ago, we shared with you the story about a woman named Tassy from Vivati village in the country of Togo. Tassy, you will remember is a mover and shaker and was well known to our team as the lady who was a witch doctor and practiced Voodoo. She was the one who loved our CHE program because she thought it would be tremendously beneficial for her village. However, when the CHE program started in her village, Tassy had declared decisively that she would “never become a Christian!” The local CHE team recognized that it would probably cost her too much to switch allegiances, discarding her traditional Voodoo practices to follow Christ – but they never ceased to pray for her.

Area Coordinator for French-speaking West Africa, Daniel K, and Tassy

Three years later, quite unexpectedly, Tassy, who had carefully counted the cost of following Christ, declared that she was ready to discard Voodoo and become a Christ follower. The result was dramatic. She became a new creation in Christ, and under her leadership, many others in her village have boldly come forward to follow the Lord too. Tassy recently lost her husband, so the Area Coordinator for French-speaking West Africa, Daniel Kpowbie, went down to her village to pray with her and encourage her.

Tassy has taken training in beekeeping and is ready to launch off as a beekeeper herself. During this season of Thanksgiving and through Christmas – the season for exchanging gifts, MAI has plans to raise funds to help communities develop microenterprises like beekeeping and other small businesses. We also want to help those who need Bibles in their own local languages.

Thank you so much for being a faithful ministry partner and regular supporter of our ministry. It is the faithful giving of friends like you that enables us to work in the field and makes MAI such an effective ministry. If you would like to join us in providing these gifts (Beehives, Bibles and Microenterprise), choose one of the programs listed by going to www.medicalambassadors.org/donate/ 

Proverbs 22:29 says “Do you see a man skillful in his work? He will stand before kings. He will not stand before obscure men.” We want to help the enthusiastic entrepreneurs in the communities where we work to make a difference for themselves,  their families, and ultimately, their communities.