Sometimes, You must go back…

September and the fall season are the time of year where parents have brought their children back to school, summer vacations are now memories and companies look back at the year and launch ways of ending the fiscal year in the black. Today we share the story of Musa (not his real name), who came […]

Programs for Children in MENA

BR is an NGO in a country in Middle East North Africa region where a team of devoted staff work through the community approach of Community Development Education (also known as CHE). The goal in poor villages is to uproot misconceptions and enable clear understanding in children, their teachers, parents and friends. God has made […]

A Community in the Caribbean Comes Together During Food Scarcity

Last month, thousands of community members took to the streets on a Sunday to protest a lack of food and medicine as a country where MAI works undergoes a grave economic crisis aggravated by the Covid-19 pandemic and other restrictions. The island is facing its worst shortage of food since the 1990s. Finding ingredients was […]

Prayer Requests and MAI Response to Haiti Earthquake

Please pray for Haiti. Our CHE partners at the Episcopal Church have lost children who died in their homes, and many more deaths are being reported in several Southern cities. Missionary Flights International and Samaritan Purse are flying into Port au Prince to help Missionary Aviation Fellowship bring supplies in. Tents and clinics will be […]

Covid Relief Response in Indonesia

Indonesia is facing new challenges as the COVID 19 delta variant began spreading in June and made the country a new epicentre of the pandemic. Many sectors have been affected. Not only are the hospitals overwhelmed, but so also the social, political, and economic conditions have become increasingly vulnerable. The Authorities announced restrictions on community […]

Building Family Relationships

As the months go by, it’s hard to realize that yet another difficult year is in its 8th month! On the other hand, it is yet another opportunity to help support our field staff and partners as they serve the communities that they have been called to serve. Our story is about Elizabeth from East […]